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The 🌎's first full-spectrum multivitamin infused with a hydration powder. On a mission to get sugar and plastic, out of our supplement aisles. When I entered my 30’s, injuries & health issues started to take over my life! I had to get healthier from the inside out & I looked really hard at sugar. Luckily, I was a leader in the supplement industry but could never get behind the insane amount of sugar we put into electrolyte powders & gummy multivitamins. It had to change. So I partnered with nutritionists on a 2-year obsession to discover something way better. When combining the two into one and then adding organic superfoods and digestive probiotics, our body's natural flow absorbs the nutrients as one to give a hydrating nutrition BOOST to our day, all without the sugar. We’re Root’d to clean researched health, and I'm humbled to have Root'd be a part of your health journey!